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We have Socials

BGSPSA plans luncheons, speaker forums, parties, and various events during the year to encourage community and social bonding.

We Support

Let BGSPSA know how we can help you on campus and outside. Our commitment is to ensure you are comfortable and safe in a trusting environment. 

Our Purpose

BGSPSA promotes community life, advances student interests, provides a forum for addressing concerns, and facilitates communication with Faculty/Administration.

Your Voice

BGSPSA is your vehicle to make change happen and address concerns with all aspects of the BGSP experience. We are all-inclusive and represent all members of the community.

Meet your 2021-2022 BGSPSA Board

BGSPSA General email:

RMayar image for BGSP.png


Ms. Ranjana Mayar

Current Student, Doctorate Program in Psychoanalysis, BGSP, 2nd year

Masters of Mental Health Counseling, BGSP, 2019

Bachelors of Psychology and Law, Carleton University, 1986


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