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BGSPSA 2021-2022 Board Elections Nominees' Bios

The following students are running individually for a position on the BGSPSA Board,

DAKOTA MENARD for President

Dakota Menard is currently enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program here at BGSP. Throughout the years Dakota has served as school President at his technical school as well as serving as a representative for the class at Academy. At Academy, Dakota founded the LGBTQ club and continued this mission while studying at Northern Vermont University by taking over the Spectrum Alliance and raised thousands of dollars for the club. As President of the Student Government, Dakota would work for the students and their interests, and promises to raise concerns to faculty.


DANIEL FISHER for Vice President

Daniel Fisher is apart of BGSP’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling student body and the co-founder of BGSP’s first-ever LGBTQ+ group. Currently, Mr. Fisher holds an MA in Forensic Psychology, which he earned at The John Jay College of Criminal Justice at CUNY.  At John Jay, Mr. Fisher was an honors student and functioned as a leader by communicating student needs to faculty. Based on his past experience working at Riker’s Jail, he understands the value of justice, patience, and transparency when dealing with administrative teams and the implementation of systematic reform. If elected, Mr. Fisher seeks to foster an atmosphere at student functions that encourages new ideas, socialization, and promotes a sense of community at this school as we begin to integrate returning and new, online-only students.


There are no nominees for Secretary and Treasurer. These positions can be filled after the elections, if needed.

The following students are running as team to form the BGSPSA Board



As a team, we are committed to working together to cultivate a welcoming environment focusing on improving the welfare for every student and providing a valuable voice for all students in the communication with faculty, administration, and the student body. Our collective goal is to promote psychoanalysis, social events and foster unity through diversity. Our leadership style is inclusive, encouraging student involvement, and we strive to be accessible to your concerns, ideas, and interests.


RANJANA MAYAR for Co-President

After a life in marketing and sending kids to college, Ranjana pursued her passion in psychoanalysis at BGSP and is currently in working on her Psya.D in the Clinical Doctoral Program. In addition to working with patients in the Therapy Center, she has a private practice and works as an outpatient clinician. Ranjana brings extensive experience from her various roles in student, parent, and community associations.


WES ALWAN for Co-President

Wes is a BGSP doctoral student, recent graduate of BGSP's Counseling program, and Director of a Wellmet group home for the mentally ill.


MARY BARTLETT for Vice President

Mary recently completed her first year in BGSP’s Counseling program, with plans to continue on to the Doctoral level. She is committed to working collaboratively with students, faculty, and administration to facilitate communication and support an environment for learning. 


AUSTIN RAND for Secretary

Austin is entering his second year in the clinical mental health counseling program, and ultimately plans to obtain the Psya.D in Psychoanalysis Society and Culture. Through a deeper involvement with the school, he hopes to facilitate a well-measured and collaborative approach to the interests of the student body, faculty and administration.



Biserka is a student in the Clinical Doctoral program at BGSP with a background in business operations and finance.

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