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We hope you use this online forum to keep updated with the BGSP Students' Association news and communications, including current issues and topics discussed in meetings and committees, upcoming talks and events, resources and links to navigate your studies and career, Psya-Blogs to publish articles, and a forum to tap into the BGSP community for help in navigating your life in Massachusetts and BGSP. 

Our Purpose

BGSPSA promotes community life, advances student interests, provides a forum for addressing concerns, and facilitates communication with Faculty/Administration.

Your Voice

BGSPSA is your vehicle to make change happen and address concerns with all aspects of the BGSP experience. We are all-inclusive and represent all members of the community.

Fall 2020 Semester Meetings

All meetings will be held via Zoom. 

New Student Orientation Meeting

Wednesday, September 9, 4:00pm

International Students Meeting

Friday, November 13, 12:00pm

Students' Association Meetings

Friday, October 9, 12:00pm

Friday, November 6, 12:00pm

Friday, December 11, 12:00pm

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BGSP's Anti-Racism Committee, comprised of students, faculty and board member, aims to identify ways to recognize and dismantle racism to eradicate systemic/institutionalized racism.

Objectives thus far:

1) provide a forum to discuss racism at BGSP;

2) actively bring people of color into leadership positions at BGSP; and

3) integrate issues of race, racism and oppression into courses at BGSP.

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